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Microsite Masters Pricing

Microsite Masters is a relatively new web-based online SERP tracking device for SEO agencies and experts. With its precise and automatic output, many clients have well regarded Microsite Masters’ services even if it is still new in the market. It has proven its worth as one of the fastest and growing web-based rank tracking devices among the thousands in the market nowadays. And with the ongoing dilemma that Market Samurai has been experiencing lately, many SEO companies and professionals have opted for Microsite Masters instead, delivering updated daily tracking reports.

Overall Features

Microsite Masters reviewMicrosite Masters offers six various tracking plans including the Free trial version which allows anyone to have the same daily updates of your website’s ranking, along with the unlimited domain but with only 10 keywords allowed. Among the rank tracking plans of Microsite Masters are the following: Mom’s Basement, Affiliate, Super Affiliate, Agency, and Agency Elite. You can choose one from among these plans, depending on your rank tracking needs.

  • Accurate daily rank tracking
  • Unlimited domains except for the Free Tracking Plan
  • Colorful graphs, can be customized
  • Easy to understand graphs
  • ROI tracking
  • Automated features and alerts
  • Quick signup of a new project
  • Support for Multiple Countries
  • URL exports
  • CSV Exports and PDF Reports allowed in all paid rank tracking plans


The SERP rank tracking plans of Microsite Masters is not cheap at all. Well, for some the high price may indicate that the services offered are of good quality. The cheapest SERP tracking plan is the Mom’s basement which amounted to $19.95 a month while the most packed plan, the Agency Elite, would cost you $299.95 a month. The more additional features, the higher is the associated cost of each SERP tacking plan of Microsite Masters.

Customer Support

Depending on your queries, you can be able to submit a ticket to either the sales or support department of Microsite Masters. Furthermore, a good number of knowledgebase questions frequently asked by customers are presented on their website along with the numerous articles and news categories provided.

Other Reviews

  • Terry Kyle @ – Terry Kyle is a respected SEO expert, and his preferred rank tracker is MM.

    When it comes to tracking rankings, for a long time I had been persisting with Rank Tracker but finally had enough of mucking around with proxies, semi-accurate results and manual site-by-site checking (yes, you can check all your sites at once in Rank Tracker but watch how quickly Google blocks your IP, even with proxies).

    I’d had enough so I recently switched to Microsite Masters which I do like a lot because:

    1. It’s web-based and not a downloaded desktop app,
    2. It automatically runs rankings checks every day,
    3. They do the rank checking from their end so there is no fooling around with proxies and getting IP blocked by Google,
    4. The interface is simple and intuitive,
    5. The results are accurate.
  • – A very impressive review for Microsite Masters can be found and read on this site. In here, you can fully understand the whole scope of Microsite Masters’ service according to the experience of the author of the website. Along with the detailed review, a rating was also posted per category provided. You can also read some comments posted by other web developers and SEO professionals.
  • The LinkBuilders – A positive review for Microsite Masters can be read on this website, providing an insight on what to expect when subscribed to one of their rank tracking plans. The author is obviously amazed with how Microsite Masters changed the whole perspective of rank tracking which focuses on accountability, ROI,and SERP performance so they say.
  • – A scoop about Microsite Masters was posted by a reviewer, and she generally talked about how good the performance of this keyword tracking device is.

Our Take

Even though Microsite Masters is still new in the market compared to the hundreds of veteran software and web based rank tracking services nowadays, they have proven their worth already. Basing on the facts gathered, it is good to note that many can derived more benefits while being subscribed with one of the rank tracking plans of Microsite Masters. Plus, the fact that it created more tracking plans, there are many options to choose from.

Basic Details

Microsite Masters discount coupon 50% off for your first month! Simply click here to redeem your first month discount!
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Owings Mills, MD 21117
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